Ron DeSantis Uses Second-Grader To Attack Mask Mandates

Ron DeSantis Uses Second-Grader To Attack Mask Mandates

On Fox and Friends this morning Governor Ron DeSantis introduced Fiona Lashells, a second-grader who was suspended 36 days for not wearing a mask.

He’s stooping to using children as political props to support his despicable deathSantis agenda.

As the cameras panned the chyron, you can hear host Ainsley Earhardt say, “Tell us about what’s happening in your school and why you decided not to wear a mask?

Brian Kilmeade off-camera jumped in also.

“Right, For a second grader to stand up like this, it’s pretty impressive.

Sure, Brian. Fiona is wise beyond her years.

When the cameras cued on DeSantis and the child, the governor prompted her and said, “Go ahead.”

This was clearly an orchestrated photo-op.

Fiona on cue said, ” I’m not wearing a mask because you touch it, and you have germs on your hand, and then you put it on your face and breath all the germs.”

The co-host agreed, “That’s right.”

WTF? This actually happened. So now the new conspiracy theory is that masks are carrying germs and if children put them on, they get the germs. And then?

I imagine it was her parent(s) who prepared her before DeSantis latched on for this little anti-mask soliloquy.

Now second-graders are in charge of Florida’s health and safety protocols.

The Republican Party and Fox News have been putting children on during the pandemic to support the anti-vaccine anti-mask nonsense.

Do you think a seven-year-old cares about germs in any form let alone know what they are?

What a sad, sad state of affairs for these immoral jackasses. Florida deserves better.

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