Seb Gorka Flips Out On  Buttigieg: 'Stop Calling It His Husband!'

Seb Gorka Flips Out On Buttigieg: 'Stop Calling It His Husband!'

MAGA scumbags like Seb Gorka always have a place in right-wing media no matter how many disgusting thoughts they transmit. That’s why they survive.

On Newsmax, wacko Stenchfield Stinchfield program, Gorka read a litany of the usual Republican attacks on the Biden administration.

If you weren’t living with your eyes open, you would think America is burning down and not worth living in.

But then Gorka made the type of homophobic remarks that would make The Family Research Council ( labeled a LGBTQ hate group) have an orgasm.

“When Boot-edge edge is (Buttigieg) on quote unquote ‘paternity leave,’ I thought, how do you have paternity when you don’t actually have the child? okay,” Gorka raged.

Paternity leave is for the family to take care of the newborn baby, Sebbie, you racist homophobe.

“Adopting. How does that does it get you paternity leave?” he wondered.

Channeling Tony Perkins and James Dobson, Gorka went on a rant. “And by the way, can conservatives stop calling it his husband? Okay?” he ranted. “It’s not his husband. In western civilization men can’t have husbands. Can we have a little bit of accuracy in our use of language?

A gay man is not an “it” you racist gay-basher.

Apparently unknown to Gorka, gay marriage is legal in America, jackass. Even the right-wing Supreme Court ruled it so.

If I may use a little bit of accuracy, go f**K yourself all the way back to Hungary, you ignorant hateful f**k.

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