Seth Meyers Does 'Tucker At An Olive Garden' And It's Comedy Gold

Seth Meyers Does 'Tucker At An Olive Garden' And It's Comedy Gold

Seth Meyers’s “A Closer Look” was at the top of its form Monday.

Noting that Fox News can’t even report its own polling on how popular vaccine mandates and the Biden agenda are. “So, the left is focused on trying to pass a far-reaching bill that would transform child care, expand the social safety net, and tackle climate change, among other things, and what’s the MAGA crowd doing? Are they offering any alternative solutions? Or are they asking Eric Trump about Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s swollen balls?”

Yes, Seth. Yes they are.

Meyers went on to note the insane lengths to which Fox will use nonsense to distract their audience: “Yesterday I was scrolling through Twitter and saw a Snopes headline that said, ‘No, Joe Biden is not a Westworld Robot Created by George Soros to Steal Your Hamburgers,’ and I thought, ‘Oh, right, I forgot to tape “Judge Jeanine” last night.’”

Comedy gold was struck when Seth pulled out his Tucker Carlson impersonation: “I will say this, though: If cable news ever gets boring for Tucker, he’d make a hell of an improviser because my man knows how to heighten. [Imitating Carlson] If they can force you take a vaccine, what can’t they force you to do? Can they force you to take psychotropic meds? Make you wear a seatbelt? Make you put your shoes on at Olive Garden even though they tell you, ‘When you’re here, you’re family?’ And then when you try to fill a briefcase with unlimited breadsticks, can they call security?”

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