Ted Cruz, 'Proud Italian-American'

Ted Cruz, 'Proud Italian-American'

Monday was Columbus Day and right-wingers were crawling all over social media attacking anyone who calls out Columbus for killing thousands of native Americans.

It’s almost like a scene out of The Sopranos.

Enter Senator Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is a Cuban-American born in Canada, but like a good troll, Cruz claimed he’s a “proud Italian-American.”

Say, what?

1/x In honor of Columbus Day, and as a proud Italian-American, I give you Reagan’s 1986 proclamation, reproduced in full.

It’s tragic that young people aren’t taught this anymore.

October 8, 1986
By the President of the United States of America: https://t.co/OGpVno2Y7P

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) October 11, 2021

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