Texas Bill: Death Penalty For Women Who Have Abortions

Texas Bill: Death Penalty For Women Who Have Abortions

Texas Republicans, fresh off their high of implementing sweeping voter restrictions laws and the horrific 6-week abortion ban (effectively overturning Roe v Wade) have decided to add another law to their toolbox. This one is actually insane, even by Republican standards. The Hill is reporting that a Republican lawmaker has introduced a bill that would allow the death penalty for women who have abortions.

You read that right. The self-declared PRO-LIFE party has decided that state-sanctioned murder of an autonomous living human is the correct response to said autonomous living human exercising health care decisions about their own body.

Texas State Rep. Bryan Slaton declared proudly on Twitter: “Today, I filed HB 3326 to Abolish Abortion in Texas. The bill will end the discriminatory practice of terminating the life of innocent children, and will guarantee the equal protection of the laws to all Texans, no matter how small.”

Just a reminder, embryos and fetuses are not “children”. But you know, words are hard. Science is hard. Biology is hard.

Under this law, a person who has an abortion – or someone who performs an abortion – could be “charged with assault or homicide, which is punishable by death.” So, state-sanctioned murder. Of a living human.

This is not the first time that a Texas GOP lawmaker tried to enact a law that would make the death penalty the punishment for abortion. In 2019,
The bill would also ban abortions at fertilization, whereas most abortions in Texas are prohibited after 20 weeks. Rep. Tony Tinderholt introduced a similar measure that actually classified abortion as a “homicide.”

Twitter had thoughts:

These GOP extremists are no different than ISIS, Al-Qaeda or the Taliban. We understand this, right?

— Nicole Hodges (@nicoleshodges) September 22, 2021

This would make every woman who miscarriages a murder suspect.

— That Lost Puzzle Piece (@eainsaunt) September 22, 2021

Wait…what? They think abortions kill, but they want to kill the person who “killed”. Makes absolutely no sense. They are clearly pro-fetus and absolutely nothing else.

— 🌊🌊 Jaini Margaret (@VotingBlueInTX) September 22, 2021

How very ” pro life” of him

— Ohio Resister. Resist fascism! Vax and mask! (@Deborahohio) September 22, 2021

Yes, simply put. Yes.

Now they want to just flat out KILL women in #Texas ???

— Learn from the Past-Plan for the Future (@ChrisitnaG) September 22, 2021

Prolife party, my ass. Forced birth is more like it.

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