'The Absolute Worst': Eric Clapton Donated £1,000 To Anti-lockdown UK Group

'The Absolute Worst': Eric Clapton Donated £1,000 To Anti-lockdown UK Group

Eric Clapton has been as awful a human being as he is a supremely gifted guitarist for as long as I can remember. But since COVID came along he’s really outdone himself.

Source: NME

Eric Clapton reportedly donated £1,000 and lent his own van to UK anti-lockdown music group Jam For Freedom earlier this year, congratulating its founder on doing “great work”.

A new Rolling Stone story reports on the guitarist’s support of Jam For Freedom, who describe their purpose as “spearheading the pro-freedom revolution happening globally as a response to restrictions on our basic human rights to work, travel and live” by playing free shows or ‘jams’ in public spaces. One of the group’s songs, ‘We Are The 99%’, features the lyric, “stick your poisonous vaccine up your arse“, the Economist reported in July.

Clapton donated £1,000 to a GoFundMe page to help support the group, its founder Cambel McLaughlin told Rolling Stone. McLaughlin thought it could have been fake, but emailed the account listed with the donation and got a text from Clapton himself.

.@JoyAnnReid: “What really stands out about white anti-vaxxers in particular is that they act like their freedom has been taken from them and they have this weird habit of trying to do that by co-opting the history of actually oppressed people.” https://t.co/VnwJyguAaI

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And if you’re going to be named ‘The Absolute Worst’ you might as well prove it by palling around with others of the same ilk.

Backstage tonight with Eric Clapton and Jimmie Vaughan after a concert in Austin. pic.twitter.com/2hhziNxtAm

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