The Stupidity Of Hannity On Full Display

The Stupidity Of Hannity On Full Display

As the deadline drew near on Thursday to fund the government, all eyes were on the House and Senate to see if an agreement would pass.

Every news agency, even Fox News, was covering it like white on Tucker Carlson.

As Hannity began ranting against the Build Back Better legislation, the Fox News chyron below his face read: “Congress Votes To Fund Government Through Feb 18”.

But to Hannity, the only thing that matters is destroying the US debt ceiling, and his addled brain was on tilt.

Senator Lindsey ‘I sold my soul to Trump’ Graham was his guest.

Hannity sternly said, “I understand is, your chamber, the Senate just passed a continuing resolution on the debt ceiling. Did any Republicans cave this time?”

Huh? Debt ceiling?

A surprised Graham said, “No, this wasn’t the debt ceiling. This was just to keep the government funded until February 18. We haven’t addressed the debt ceiling yet.”

WTF is he harping on the debt ceiling? The breaking news was that the government was not going to shut down.

You’d figure he’d demand a shutdown to stop Biden’s vaccine mandate, so more Americans could get infected with COVID.

Graham predicted no Republicans would vote to raise the debt ceiling this time around, but if they were running Congress and the White House it would already have been raised. Mitch McConnell set aside the debt ceiling for three years while T***p was the so-called president, and passed the deficit exploding GOP Tax Scam as well.

It says right there on the chyron “fund government” for the entire lead in and Hannity still manages to get confused… maybe he should take a cognitive test

— Acyn (@Acyn) December 3, 2021

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