'The View' Having A Hard Time Replacing Meghan McCain

'The View' Having A Hard Time Replacing Meghan McCain

[Above, yes, there really is a “Meghan McCain’s Worst Moments on The View, PART 5” on YouTube – eds.]

I gotta hand it to “The View.” Now that they’ve fired Meghan McCain, it’s a good show. And they do have a panel of smart, politically astute women without insisting any of them be a blonde hottie miniskirt under-30. Unlike, say, the crotch couch at Outnumbered.

But their job description to replace Meghan McCain makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

I mean really. You can have a MAGA insane person or a person who is profoundly unpopular with the Republican base, which is Trump worshippers. This is not a Venn diagram with any overlapping curves, folks.

If you feel you MUST have a Republican voice on your show, and I have to ask in the Year of our Lord 2021, why? Just pick…

and cut your losses.

And remember, YOUR audience is going to hate her. Because as a conservative, at some point she is going to lie in service to her politics.

Is that really what you want on your otherwise excellent program?

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