Travis Scott Could Be In Trouble Over AstroWorld Tragedy

Travis Scott Could Be In Trouble Over AstroWorld Tragedy

News on the Travis Scott Astroworld tragedy is getting worse, and it looks like the rapper might be in trouble. His girlfriend Kylie Jenner is trying to defend Scott, who is accused of ignoring fans who begged him to stop the concert. The reality star took to social media to try to help the rapper but videos of the Astroworld concert posted by fans are damning.

Houston authorities are calling the concert a “mass casualty incident” after 300 people were injured and eight people died. The Washington Post reported that Houston police opened a criminal investigation into the event, as the backlash on social media grows.

The rapper went on Twitter to speak out about the tragedy, but many angry fans hit back. One Twitter user tweeted, “A guy yelled and told you to stop the show and you said ‘who told me to stop’. You knew wtf was happening.”

Even the power of the Kardashian-Jenner spin machine might not be able to help Scott. Stay tuned for more information as this story unfolds.

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