Troll Of The Week: 'Funeral Home' Sponsors Advert Against Vaccines

Troll Of The Week: 'Funeral Home' Sponsors Advert Against Vaccines

A Healthcare provider’s little Rickroll prior to an NFL game in Charlotte on Sunday had people talking. StarMed Healthcare has been inundated with phone calls since. The lower phone number on the truck is from Crenshaw Visions, an ad agency based in Lancaster, South Carolina. According to Newsweek, Boone Oakley, an ad agency in Charlotte, came up with the idea of the campaign internally after getting all their staff vaccinated at StarMed, after seeing their humorous Twitter feed, described by one Charlotte news source as “cheeky.”

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In the age of misinformation, aiming to increase vaccine confidence while simultaneously calling out anti-vax sentiment is quite a tricky task.

An ad campaign attempting to do just that has gone viral on Twitter after a user posted a photo of a truck driving around Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte prior to Sunday’s game between the Panthers and the Saints. The truck trumpeted the message “Don’t get vaccinated,” with “Wilmore Funeral Home” listed as its benefactor.

In reality, Wilmore Funeral Home doesn’t appear to exist. Its website is merely a mostly blank page featuring a “Get vaccinated now” box; clicking on it takes users to Charlotte provider StarMed Healthcare, and a page providing credible vaccine information.

@RexChapman @davenewworld_2 This truck is making laps around Bank of America Stadium before the Panthers game in Charlotte.

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