Tucker Refuses To Say What The Fox News COVID Policy Is

Tucker Refuses To Say What The Fox News COVID Policy Is

Tucker Carlson was caught off guard during an interview with the Vince and Jason Save The Nation show.

So he giggled his way out of giving a definitive answer about Fox News’ Covid protocols.

Carlson is number-one for promoting COVID conspiracies, snake oil cures, and anti-vax sentiments through his daily Fox News show.

Co-host Jason Nichols asked what the truth was about Fox News’ COVID restrictions, including the amount of testing required if an employee refuses to get vaccinated.

Newsweek reported that if you refuse a vaccine at Fox News HQ, you have to be tested daily.

“Is Fox News denying civil liberties of its employees by being stricter than President Biden?” Nichols asked.

Carlson giggled wildly to cover up his discomfort.

“I don’t know, you should probably ask Newsweek. It sounds like they really have a precise handle on what’s happening,” and then he weirdly started cackling out loud.

“If it’s wrong let me know,” Nichol said.

“It’s completely wrong,” Carlson said but never actually said what was wrong about it.

“So what is the policy?” Nichols asked.

“I’m not qualified to speak for the company on this because I don’t run the company. I’m just an employee of the company,” Carlson replied.

Then he claimed that Fox News probably wouldn’t want to disclose their policy for fear of a backlash.

Obviously the backlash would come from the anti-VAX community that to which Fox News is kowtowing daily.

All Carlson has to do is tell the hosts yes or no: if you are not vaccinated then you must get a daily Covid test. Tucker Carlson must know what Fox News policy is and be able to articulate it quite easily.

Tucker then changed the subject about other infectious diseases to throw the host off.

Co-host Jason Nichols reacted appropriately

“You can’t sneeze on somebody and give them HIV,” he said.

Vaccine mandates are nothing new in American history, but for ratings and cash, Fox News is killing people.

Carlson is a fraud who is helping spread COVID through Fox News airwaves without a hint of regret or remorse.

You cant laugh your way out of being a death merchant.

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