TX State Rep: Extremists On The Inside More Dangerous Than MAGA Cultists

TX State Rep: Extremists On The Inside More Dangerous Than MAGA Cultists

Crockett is a high-profile, Black Texas Democrat and one of the many who left the state to block Texas’ voter suppression laws. She was asked by host Tiffany Cross if she feels safe “showing up to work in a state where you can have a gun without a license or training and where people are actively saying the quiet part out loud about how they feel about people who look like you and I.”

“I actually feel okay going into the capitol,” Crockett said, because the dangerous extremists are “on the inside” and “actually sitting in the chamber with me.” They are the ones with the power to enact their extremist agendas and they are doing so. “Let me be clear, these people are infiltrating every level of government,” she said.

“It’s not that they are just showing up out here, they’re saying let me get on the school boards,” Crockett continued. “That’s why we have these ridiculous school board hearings where they’re talking about, ‘no, no, no, no’ to masks and no to vaccine mandates and … critical race theory.”

“They realize that they don’t get that much traction when they show up here and they’re now running for office and they are the ones that are shaping policies. And that is what is so scary, because they are wearing both hats” she added.

In other words, it’s vitally important to stop extremism at the ballot box. Regardless of how many people show up or not at the Justice for J6 or any other MAGA rally.

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