Wait Until You Hear Why Cop Didn't Render Aid To Ahmaud Arbery

Wait Until You Hear Why Cop Didn't Render Aid To Ahmaud Arbery

Former Officer Ricky Minshaw was asked by prosecutor Larissa Ollivierre how Ahmaud Arbery appeared when he arrived at the scene. Minshew said he was face-down and looked “unresponsive to his surroundings, he appeared to be deceased.” Via CNN:

Minshew said he heard from Arbery a type of labored breathing he knew as a “death rattle,” and said he had encountered similar situations in the past where people did not survive much longer.

Ollivierre asked Minshew if he performed CPR, to which he said no, stating he did not because “I did not know any of the people or any of the facts or circumstances to what had happened.”

What does that mean? That he didn’t know enough to judge whether Arbery was worthy of staying alive? That it was probably okay with him that he’d been shot?

Minshew testified, “Being that I was the only officer on scene, without having any other police units to watch my back, there was no way I could have switched my attention to anything medical and still be able to watch my surroundings and watch after my own safety.”

He also said he was “unqualified” to render aid, and didn’t have medical supplies for gunshot wounds.

What a hero.

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