We Found Ron DeSantis! He's Trying To Kill His Wife With COVID!

We Found Ron DeSantis! He's Trying To Kill His Wife With COVID!

Floridians have been wondering where the hell their governor is amid one of the most explosive COVID surges yet, where Florida is surpassing all other states with new cases by at least twofold.

COVID cases in Florida up 1051%, more than any other state. Hey Ron DeSantis, how are those bans on vaccine and mask mandates working out for you? pic.twitter.com/bxI3ahCLAL

— Mike Sington (@MikeSington) December 28, 2021

Fox “News” tried to spin the tale that he was playing the doting, dutiful husband, accompanying his wife Casey to her treatments for breast cancer.

People weren’t buying that as an excuse back then.

They are lying. Breast cancer treatment, if chemo, is once every 3 weeks. If radiation, it’s daily for the prescribed number of treatments; they take 10 minutes.

There are no 2 week long treatments which warrant his absence.

— M.E. Brown (@Botanicalsrock) December 31, 2021

He was and still is missing. His press secretary said he was on vacation. Yesterday.

— Julie Cleland 🌊🌊 (@veropossum) December 31, 2021

Further evidence that DeSantis (and Fox) lies through his foul teeth? He and his allegedly cancer-ridden, immunocompromised wife showed up at a cult-concert for Awake America on New Year’s Eve.

Awake America is a Dominionist Christofascist cult, who believe that any COVID mitigation measures are aGaInSt jEsUs, among other absolutely dangerous batsh*t nuttery. So, naturally, DeathSantis shows up with the jumping, screaming, sweaty, unmasked, (of course, unvaxxed) crowd of thousands. What a great place to show his bloated face and expose his poor suffering wife to all those totally not-at-all dangerous germ particles flying around!

Okay, okay, maybe he wasn’t LYING about accompanying her. I called the Moffitt Cancer Center where she is being treated, and they do indeed allow a family member to accompany the patient for their treatment if they wear a mask. That does not, though, as Twitter points out, account for all two weeks of him being in his hidey hole, emerging only to expose his wife to the COVID-infected masses at a psychotic super-spreader event.

Right… and then he brought her to a packed anti-mask event last night. And paraded her on stage, amongst the people, unmasked.

Either they are trying to save her life or they aren’t.

— OfAmy, OfMyself is Fully Vaccinated 😷 (@MeLynnGerDan) January 2, 2022

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