Youngkin Rally Salutes Flag From 'Peaceful' Jan 6 Rally

Youngkin Rally Salutes Flag From 'Peaceful' Jan 6 Rally

During a rally for Republican Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin, a curious and disturbing thing happened.

An American flag was brought out onto the stage and the host said praised the flag thusly, “That was carried at the peaceful rally with Donald Trump on January 6.”


They carried the flag out as if it was an ancient and sacred religious artifact.

Someone named Mark Lloyd then led the crowd with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Republicans across the country are no longer grounded in reality or have any interest in morals. They have transitioned into mini Marjorie Taylor Greene clones.

To be part of the GOP means you have to spout lies and conspiracy theories with no conscience.

Paramount for your inclusion is to claim the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump

A person also has to make sure they turn the horrific January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol (NEVER FORGET that day left many law enforcement officers dead and injured) into a “peaceful event.”

Rolling Stone writes, “Youngkin was not present at the “Take Back Virginia” rally, but it was headlined by former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, who cited the close race between Youngkin and his Democratic opponent, Terry McAufflife, to argue that the state’s 2020 election results were illegitimate. “He didn’t win by 10 points, OK?” Bannon said of Biden. “No doubt about that.”

We are dealing with a brutal cult lead by a narcissistic buffoon.

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