Your 'Screw You, Fox News' Clip Of The Day

Your 'Screw You, Fox News' Clip Of The Day

White parents across the country have been riled up by Fox News’ constant coverage of the bogus “critical race theory crisis.”

Parents have turned school board meetings into the Tea Party 2.0 and are lashing out, threatening members of school boards and teachers on a topic that is not taught in K-12 schools.

Attorney General Merrick Garland made clear that making these kinds of vicious threats will not be tolerated.

But for Fox News that means parents will be sent to Guantánamo Bay if they merely want to discuss critical race theory or have a complaint about vaccine mandates.

On Harris Faulkner’s program, they played an edited video of Jim Jordan complaining about Garland’s memo.

Faulkner then brought out Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich to fearmonger over things the memo doesn’t say. Because Fox.

“Joe Biden and Merrick Garland essentially want to weaponize the Department of Justice just because parents are exercising their First Amendment rights to speak out against critical race theory or even vaccine mandates — this does not make them domestic terrorists,” Brnovich opined.

This is a lie.

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