Prediction: Aaron Rodgers Will Be Hosting Jeopardy In 2022

Prediction: Aaron Rodgers Will Be Hosting Jeopardy In 2022

Many thought the window of opportunity closed for Aaron Rodgers to host “Jeopardy!” earlier this year when a producer was named the show’s host, and the Packers’ quarterback returning to play for the franchise this season. With scandal striking the popular game show over their choice of a new host, another window will open up next year when the stop-gap hosts will see their one-year run re-evaluated. Therefore, I am predicting that in 2022, the future Hall of Fame quarterback will be hosting “Jeopardy!” by this time next year.

Aaron Rodgers saw his first glimpse of life after the NFL this spring when he was one of select few who were invited to be a guest host of the popular “Jeopardy!” game show. Rodgers, who won a Celebrity Jeopardy tournament in 2015 knew back then that hosting the game show would be a “dream job” for him, and it was a dream he lived out in April when he recorded two weeks of shows, and became well liked by die-hard fans of show, something he considers himself.

Rodgers admitted in August that if given the opportunity to both host “Jeopardy!” and play this season, he would of done it:

“Yeah, I definitely would’ve … I mean, if they would have figured out a way to make it work with my schedule, yeah, for sure.”

Because, after all, it is not every day that you get to do your dream job AND play quarterback in the NFL; and with Rodgers closer to the end then the beginning of his football career, it is easy to see a person as thoughtful as Rodgers looking ahead, not back.

Part of this prediction comes from knowing that Aaron Rodgers can clearly hold a grudge, something I promise you he still has against Green Bay Packers’ GM Brian Gutekunst, who he called to be fired this past offseason. There’s a big part of me that believes he will not want to do anything to help Gutekunst, including giving the general manager the satisfaction of trading him away from the Packers, even if it is to a team Rodgers wants to play for next season. I firmly believe that Rodgers wants to walk away from the Packers on his own terms, even if that is one or two years too soon just to show he has been and always will be in control of his own life and career. Something that having a new job as the host of “Jeopardy!” next year will make it easy to do.

I am not, in any way, pushing Aaron Rodgers out of the NFL; it is clear that the damage has been done between him and the Packers’ front office, with a simple stalemate and halting in their cold war called just in time for the training camp and the 2021 season. I don’t believe this stalemate will last more than 30 seconds beyond the end of the season, when Rodgers will be more than happy to leave the team and get on with the next phase of his life and get started with his new career.

So, if offered the job, which I think he will be, Aaron Rodgers will be the man with all the answers in 2022 as the host of “Jeopardy!” with those in Green Bay wondering how come no one asked a future Hall of Fame quarterback how they could convince him to stay. That’s because the answer is “What if Rodgers knew it was time to leave the NFL and the Green Bay Packers!” 


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