This tennis player has been positive 250 times!

This tennis player has been positive 250 times!

Now it’s normal to wonder about Corona and Benoit Peirce. Once again, the Covid-19 has become the 46th ranked French tennis player in the rankings. He was scheduled to play a tournament in Melbourne before the start of the Australian Open next month.

But as he is positive, he is in quarantine at an unknown place, according to Fox Sports. However, Peir has repeatedly expressed his anger as Covid is positive.

The 32-year-old player posted a post on Instagram yesterday. When you look at that post, you can see how annoyed Payer is with being repeatedly positive, ‘My name is Benoit Payer. This is the 250th time I’ve been Kovid positive. Honestly, I can’t get along with Kovid anymore. How are you? Water is flowing through the nose due to Kovid. I am no longer mentally good while doing quarantine in hotels around the world. Last year was very difficult. That’s how it all started this year! ”

Payer has been vaccinated and his position in favor of vaccination is ‘hundred percent’. Pierre added, “Let me tell you, I am 100% in favor of getting vaccinated. But let’s start life as it was before Kovid. There is no point in doing that. ‘

The Australian Open is scheduled to start on January 16 in Melbourne. He will have to stay in isolation for the next 10 days. For the second time as the first player, Payer officially became positive. He became the second player to set foot in Melbourne this week to play in the Australian Open. Earlier, Denis Shapovalov was positive.

Before the 2020 US Open, Peir was positive for Covid-19. He missed the Grand Slam tournament. Pair then tested positive again two weeks before the ATP tournament in Hamburg.

However, he got the opportunity to play in Hamburg a long time ago as he was positive and had time on hand. However, he did not have any problem playing in the French Open in Ronla Garo. Payer is one of the players in a strict quarantine before the start of the Australian Open this season.

Far from practicing, he could not get out of the hotel. In recent times, Rafael Nadal, Andrei Rublev and Belinda Benechic have also been positive.