When Will College Football Poll Voters Be Called Out?

When Will College Football Poll Voters Be Called Out?

The College Football season has been full of surprises and upsets as teams from coast to coast find out that each week could be the one in which they need to battle for every yard even against an inferior foe. This season has also proven to me that not only are preseason polls irrelevant, but so are in-season rankings, which clearly are guesses put down on paper by the college football poll voters to make themselves more important than they truly are. So, I ask you, when will college football poll voters get called out?

There are now two things in college football which have proven unnecessary:

Postseason Bowl GamesCollege Football Polls

Until recently it was only the preseason polls that felt highly unimportant since they were, to be be blunt, guesses on how each team would respond to losing their graduating players and incorporating their underclassmen. This season, however, college football voters are guessing from week to week, and don’t truly have a clue who is great, good, average, or below average in the sport.

The breaking point for me was this past weekend after the Iowa Hawkeyes, who somehow became better than Alabama and every other team in the nation except for top ranked Georgia. This past weekend, the suddenly amazing football team that every voter overlooked for months was now the second ranked team in the nation and facing a home conference game against Purdue. The Hawkeyes were completely dominated by the Boilermakers 24-7, making their stay in the top two as short as it could be, and giving them an 0-1 record when ranked as a playoff team.

Remember, these are the same voters who told us for weeks how great Notre Dame was until they finally lost, and continue, year after year to ram the Big Ten Conference down America’s throat. Can we just admit that these voters are two steps removed from throwing darts at a board every week between the same group of teams week after week?

I say this because as we know from college basketball’s March Madness, upsets early in the tournament, which is what the college football regular season is, sells. It’s too easy to pick the best four teams after the season is over, and there’s also no chance to be proven wrong since in the playoffs it’s all about matchups and the randomness of a win-or-go-home contest. During the regular season, if you rank a team like Iowa #2 in the country, they still need to go out and play the next week, and in this case, flop.

Hasn’t the time come for the voters of Associated Press or anyone else who puts together a college football ranking to be held accountable for their mistakes and have their credibility stripped away? Why should I take any ranking that anyone puts together for the rest of the 2021 season? Why should any voter who put Iowa second on their ballot be given another one this week? In the same vein, why should anyone who didn’t rank the Cincinnati Bearcats in the Top Ten or Top Five during the preseason still have a vote now?

Anyone can tell you yesterday’s weather, so is that all rankings are, telling us what happened so far? Or should these rankings be able to stand up to a few more games being played and those who are ranked higher holding their own? For me it should be the latter, but it seems that in college football, telling us what happened over the last five days is more important than predicting what will happen over the next five weeks. That’s why rankings mean nothing until all the games are in the books and the playoff berths are voted on by the selection committee. 


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